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About Me:

Name:Alan Simmonds
Company:Capral Limited
Title:Executive General Manager
About Me:

 I am the Executive General Manager for Capral Limited responsible for its Distribution Division. This division includes Capral's Building Systems Group which designs, markets and distributes aluminium window and door systems to hundreds of small to medium fabricators throughout Australia.


I have been an Executive/Board member of the AWA for the past 10 years and served as president for a two-year term during this period. The Australian window industry faces many challenges including new regulatory requirements for energy efficiency and import product substitution. I am keen to continue my contribution to the AWA and have a particular interest in representing the needs of the many small fabricators whose voice may otherwise not be heard.   

Name:Carl Costabile
Company:Euroaluminium Australia
Title:General Manager
About Me:

I am very interested and passionate about our industry and would like to be a part of it and have an impact in the way it is evolving and the direction it takes. I believe the most relevant way to extend my passion would be to become a board member of the AWA.

I have a detailed understanding of the design process, from concept through to extruding including testing aluminium windows and doors systems, also the majority of my 12 years experience having been on the front line of managing a window manufacturing company, I believe I have the credentials and I understand the issues that we face as an industry to be involved at board level with the AWA


Name:Chris Barker
Company:Australian Glass Group
Title:Head of Sales, Marketing and Strategy
About Me:

I have been a Board Member of the AWA for four years and of the AGGA for ten. I am passionate about the role performance windows and glazings can and must play in delivering Energy Efficient outcomes for the built environment. I am active as an industry spokesperson and have demonstrated my willingness to devote the necessary time to achieve recognition for our products.

I have the privilage of holding the position of Deputy Chairperson of the Australian Fenestration Rating Council and have worked on several Australian Building Code Window committees.

As energy regulations become more relevant to our products, I see a great deal of industry focus shifting to compliance to Australian Standards and ensuring that the Australian Window Industry competes on a level playing field.

I have been a Director of Pilkington Australasia, and currently lead Sales, Marketing and Strategy for the Australian Glass Group.


Name:Colin Forster
Company:Trend Windows & Doors Pty Ltd
Title:Managing Director
About Me:

I am a Chemical Engineer by background and have been in my current position with Trend Windows for almost 15 years. I have been a member of the AWA Executive/Board for all of this time, serving as President on two occasions. I have always been committed to having a strong window association with an independent voice in determining the future of window manufacturers in Australia. My particular interest is in energy regulations and I have recently completed the ABSA energy assessors training course in order to ensure I am informed on this critical issue. 

The window industry is currently facing a number of major challenges, particularly in the energy and sustainability area and I believe I have the capability and experience to ensure we get the best outcome for window manufacturers.

Name:Duncan Fraser
Company:Boral Window Systems
Title:National General Manager
About Me:

I have been a board member of the AWA for the past 4 years, and have also served as chairman this past year. We have been thrown a number of challenges over the recent past, most notably the new bushfire code and the changes in energy efficiency requirements. In particular, the changes in the energy efficiency requirements have highlighted the need for us to work together as an industry, if we are to ensure the long term sustainability of our manufacturing industry within Australia.  

If elected I commit myself to continue working with the AWA team and its board members in playing an effective role as we navigate through these challenges.  


Name:Garry Thomson
Company:Seaview Joinery
Title:General Manager
About Me:

I have been the General Manager of Seaview Joinery for 19 years, a member of the AWA for 10 years. Through this time I have further supported the AWA and its members by contributing as a Board Member utilising my 30 years of experience in the Timber Window Industry.

I have nominated for an Executive Board appointment because I believe this is the most appropriate way for me to contribute to the continued success of the Australian Window Industry and its members.

Name:Keith Duce
Company:Duce Pty.Ltd.
About Me:

I have been a member of the Board since 2000 and President in 2007 and 2008.During these years I have been involved  in a dynamic changing Industry Association and feel that I still have a lot to offer.I therefore nominate myself for re-election for the 2010 Board.

Name:Lewis Saragossi
Company:G James Australia Pty Ltd
Title:Managing Director
About Me:

I have been involved in the industry for over 12 years and during this time I have actively supported and I am very passionate about the AWA.

I have a strong background in design and manufacturing and believe I will be able to represent AWA members appropriately with a sound understanding of the current and potential future issues this industry may face.

I am a dedicated and hard working person, and I am committed to growth and would love to be involved in creating a strong foundation for the future of AWA and more importantly all the supporting members of the AWA.

Name:Michael Friend
Company:Affinity Windows
Title:Divisional Manager
About Me:

As divisional Manager of one of Western Australias largest aluminium Window fabricator,Mike has been involved within the aluminium window industry (W.A.)for 28 years, the past 16years at senior management levels.

He believes Western Australia requires strong representation on the Executive Committe of the Australian Window Association to support its membership. Something this state has not had for a number of years.

With Mikes experience, willingness and ability to contribute both at national and local levels we can achieve the desired results.

Name:Nigel Long
Company:Doric Products
Title:General Manager
About Me:

I have been the General Manager of Doric for 6 years as well as an Executive Member of the AWA for a similar period. My involvement within the window and door industry has been 20 years. Our family involvement both personel and business is in excess of 40 years.

These many years of industry awareness, and involvement have given me an opportunity to develop a good understanding for our industry history, and of the issues we face in the future as an industry and as members.

As an industry member with many working years ahead, the future of our industry is important to me and it is with a strong passion that I offer my services to the Executive team.

My background stems from the shopfloor as a toolmaker, and as such I beleive I have a strong understanding of most operational and compliance issues that face our industry. My extended degree in Business (BoMM) allows me to have a broader understanding and appreciation of buinesses and those constraints, challenges and opportunities that we all face, both today and in the future.

I am passioante about the long term position of our industry and therefore seek your support for my re-nomination to the AWA Executive board.

Name:Nigel Chalk
Company:Bradnams Windows and Doors
About Me:

Nigel Chalk has been the CEO of Bradnams Windows and Doors for 4 years, one of Australia's largest manufacturer of aluminium windows and doors, shower screens and balustrades. Prior to working for Bradnams, he was with Capral Aluminium for 4 years in the capacity of CFO.

He was also a member of the AWA Board in 2009 and wishes to continue to contribute to the development of the Australian window industry in this capacity.

Name:Steve Darwell
Title:General Manager, Downstream ANZ
About Me:

I am the General Manager of CSR Viridian’s Australian and New Zealand downstream glass processing and service provision business, which has served the membership of the AWA for many years (currently as Viridian, and previously as Pilkington and DMS). I am seeking your support in my nomination for the AWA Executive.

Though relatively new to the window and glass industries, I have a long history in building products and domestic manufacturing industries - CSR’s Lightweight Systems, Visy and Southcorp.

Throughout my career I've been an active participant in industry bodies as I see them as a vital component of any business area. I’ve been impressed by the quality of the work done by the AWA on behalf of the industry in what is clearly a period of rapid change. Change which is not dissimilar to that which I have encountered in previous roles. I feel there’s much I can bring to the table at the AWA.

I want to see us maintain a strong local window industry which can meet evolving market demands, and in turn, see a sustainable local glass industry that serves it. I hope to call upon the resources and reach of CSR in serving the AWA, and learn from the AWA’s members how my business can better serve the window industry.

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