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Name:Alan Simmonds
Company:Capral Limited
Title: Executive General Manager
About Me:

I am the Executive General Manager for Capral Limited responsible for its Distribution Division. This division includes Capral's Building Products Group which designs, markets and distributes aluminium window and door systems to hundreds of small to medium fabricators throughout Australia.


I have been a Board member of the AWA for the past 11 years, served as president for a two years and currently hold the position of Treasurer.  The Australian window industry faces many challenges including new regulatory requirements for energy efficiency and import product substitution. I am keen to continue my contribution to the AWA and have a particular interest in representing the needs of the many small fabricators whose voice may otherwise not be heard.

Name:Carl Costabile
Company:Euro Aluminium
Title:General Manager
About Me:

Carl Costabile appreciated the opportunity to be a member of the Board for the first time in 2010 and would like to continue the momentum in 2011.

Carl has been involved in the Australian windows manufacturing for over 13 years and understands and relates well to the demands the industry can impose on small to medium window manufacturers.

For the past 3 years Carl has been the General Manager of Euro Aluminium evolving a network of licensees, and hopes to be re elected on the AWA Board in 2011 to continue to act on behalf of all the small to medium manufacturers of Australia.


Name:Colin Forster
Company:Trend Windows & Doors
Title:Chief Executive Officer
About Me:

I am a Chemical Engineer by background and have been in my current position with Trend Windows for over 15 years. I have been a member of the AWA Executive/Board for all of this time, serving as President on two occasions and in 2010 being honoured with life membership of the AWA.

I have always been committed to having a strong window association with an independent voice in determining the future of window manufacturers in Australia. My particular interest is in energy regulations and I have completed the ABSA energy assessors training course in order to ensure I am informed on this critical issue. 

The window industry is currently facing a number of major challenges, particularly in the energy and sustainability area and I believe I have the capability and experience to ensure we get the best outcome for window manufacturers.

Name:Garry Thomson
Company:Seaview Joinery
Title:General Manager
About Me:

My name is Garry Thomson I have worked in the window industry for over 30 years and as General Manager of Seaview Joinery for 20.  During this time I have been an active member of the Board and its Chairperson in 2010.


My nomination for the 2011 board shows my passion continues for the advancement of our industry and its members through a strong association. There are many issues facing our industry both domestic and international. I feel I have much to contribute and ask for your support in becoming a board member in 2011

Name:Keith Duce
Company:Duce Timber Windows and Doors
About Me:

I have represented on the AWA Board the smaller manufactures within our Industry for several years and feel that we have achieved a great deal.

I still feel that there is a lot of work to be done and would like the opportunity to continue to represent our Members for 2011.

Name:Lewis Saragossi
Company:G. James Glass & Aluminium Pty Ltd
Title:Managing Director
About Me:

I have been in the industry since 1971 and have had  long standing experience with the Industry Trade Associations being  the past President of AAFA of Queensland, AWA and also the AGGA.

Currently I am a sitting board member of AWA and am in my second term as President of AGGA.  I am extremely concerned about the long term viability of the Window Fabrication Industry in Australia and I am working very hard to make sure the industry can survive the onslaught.

Name:Michael Friend
Company:Affinity WIndows
Title:Divisional Manager
About Me:

Mike Friend is currently the DIvisional Manager of Affinity WIndows ,servicing the Aluminium WIndow industry since 1982.

Mike wishes to nominate as a representative on the A.W.A Board for the second consecutive year, ensuring that the W.A.members have full representation at the A.W.A  Board meetings and speaking on behalf of its membership.

Name:Michael OKeefe
Title:National Business Development and Technical Services
About Me:

My name is Michael O’Keefe and I would be very keen to continue my ongoing contribution to the Australian window industry via a new role as a member of the AWA Executive.


With a background of Aircraft Engineering, I have held a seat on the AWA Technical committee for five years of the fifteen years that I have worked in the window Industry.


Having a national general management and technical role with AWS, I interact with many of the small to medium window and door manufactures in Australia and get the opportunity to discuss many of the challenges they face in their day to day businesses, in particular the emerging complexity of the bushfire prevention and energy/ sustainability environments.


I feel that my technical background in these areas will make a valuable contribution at board level.    



Name:Nigel Chalk
Company:Bradnams Windows & Doors
About Me:

Nigel Chalk carries with him a wealth of experience within the Australasian Windows and Door industry. This can be demonstrated by his roles as the current CEO and Board member of the Bradnam Group for the last 5 years overseeing operations that span the full breadth of the East Coast of Australia and as well as a Board member of Nalco (Bradnam's Joint Venture in NZ).

Prior to this he was the CFO of Capral for 4 years servicing the window and door industry. Nigel has been a representative on the AWA Board for the last 2 years and would like to continue in this capacity to serve the best interests of the industry within Australia.

Name:Nigel long
Company:Doric Products
Title:General Manager
About Me:

As a current Executive member of our Association, I would welcome the opportunity to stand again on our Executive. In my role of General Manager of Doric, my travels have given me an opportunity to discuss with fabricators and suppliers, the issues and challenges that face their businesses and our industry.

I am a passionate person with a strong bias to supporting the needs of small to medium business. My background and experience in manufacturing is based on 20 years of local and overseas experiences at both an operational and strategic level.

Our industry still faces many challenges, and to date I have appreciated representing our members on the AWA Executive. There are many challenges facing our industry and association, particularly in the areas of Energy and Complience and our association has undertaken a number of initiatives and changes and I would greatly welcome my continued involvement in addressing these issues on behalf of our members.

Name:Steve Darwell
Title:GM Glass Processing and Services
About Me:

I am the General Manager of CSR Viridian’s Glass Processing and Services business, a national network of glass processing operations which serves the broad  membership of the AWA.  I am seeking your support for my re-election to the AWA Executive.


Over the past year I feel that your AWA Executive has brought about some timely and meaningful outcomes for the industry – particularly the refinement of the Association's strategy which will ensure focused attention on the key issues that are impacting individual members and the industry as a whole. I am pleased to have been able to contribute to this and look forward to the opportunity to continue doing so.


Others have said enough already about the changes in our industry – this state of near continuous change is not going away any time soon.  I’ve spent my life in manufacturing, principally Australian manufacturing, which has taught me that change is inevitable.  But it’s also taught me to be a pragmatist – straight-forward solutions to clearly expressed problems and opportunities win hands-down every time in my book.


The AWA has shown me that it has the means and initiative to lead the way for the industry.  I’d like to continue to help it do so.


As I’ve said before, I want to see us maintain a strong local window industry which can meet evolving market demands, and in turn, see a sustainable local glass industry that serves it.  I hope to call upon the resources and reach of CSR in serving the AWA, and learn from the AWA’s members how my business can better serve the window industry.



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